Calculation of your individual iron requirements

If you suffer from iron deficiency symptoms and your ferritin level is below 50 ng/ml, you need intravenous saturation therapy to correct the male iron concentration and get into the iron matrix. Most will then become healthy. Every affected person needs his or her individual amount. For a saturation therapy an iron calculator is available to you as world novelty – a product of the Swiss iron research ( /

EasyFer Calculator
This simple and field-proven EasyFer formula can calculate the required amount of iron with three values: ferritin, LTR and weight and thus provide a valuable starting point for your conversation with a specialist. EasyFer can only be used for ferritin values below 50 ng/ml. EasyFer is only valid if the ferritin value is given according to Beckman and the LTR value according to Roche. (In case of doubt you have to ask the laboratory and convert to

The formula is: 1152 – (11xF) + (52xLTR) = Amount of missing iron in milligrams.

What does the displayed value mean?
This value means that you need the above indicated amount of iron to become healthy, which is mostly the case. For safety reasons, the Swiss Iron Health Organisation recommends SIHO treatments with iron sucrose (200 mg per infusion, twice a week until the individually calculated total dose is reached).

How should I proceed?
Two weeks after the last infusion, ferritin must be measured again and your state of health assessed. Three months after this first therapy control, a second therapy control takes place.

Additional information (currently only available in German)
Swiss Iron Health Organisation SIHO

No medical advice
This formula indicates how much iron an iron deficiency patient needs to correct the deficiency condition. The use of the formula requires the appropriate know-how, which only doctors have at their disposal. You can find information on the following websites: / /